Community Coaching & Engagement Program

A popular service that Traditional Care Services provides is what we call Community Engagement and Community Coaching. This is when a matched Direct Support Professional will travel to their matched individuals home and take them on scheduled activities around town and outside for the afternoon. Many of the times community trips will include a group of individuals, that our coordinators have specifically matched together. Our individuals may enjoy outings to various places including the movie theater, museums, community centers, sports complexes, the mall, and many other fun locations! All of our scheduled activities and trip plans are posted on our Event Calendar in advance.

Contact Traditional Care Services

If you are a family member, loved one, or a caseworker looking for community engagement and activities for an adult individual with intellectual disabilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 757-726-5333, by email, or by filling out our Contact Form. We have offices located in both Hampton and Richmond, VA.

Traditional Care Services