COVID-19 Workplace Notice

Please be advised that during the COVID-19 pandemic, all business at Traditional Care Services is being conducted virtually and by appointment only. To schedule a meeting, please contact us in Hampton at 757-726-5333 and in Richmond at 804-709-1599.

Our Services

Traditional Care Services provides Sponsored Residential, Community-Based, and In-Home Support for intellectually disabled children and adults in the Richmond and Hampton Roads/Tidewater area. At TCS we are dedicated to helping those with developmental disabilities to live their life to the fullest, while creating a family atmosphere that creates a better tomorrow

Sponsored Residential Care

Become a Sponsor Provider, enriching the life of your matched individual as well as your own by living with and caring for them. Or entrust TCS to match your loved one with a certified Sponsor Provider to create a home and family with.

In-Home Support

In addition to live-in Residential Care, we also provide in-home session programs where a certified direct support professional will visit the home of you or your loved one and provide the necessary care and enrichment.

Employment Opportunity:

Traditional Care Services is in search of our next great team member. If you have a dedicated servant mindset, and are qualified to serve as a Direct Support Professional, please apply today.

Why Become a TCS Sponsor?

Traditional Care Services treats our employees, sponsors, and sponsored individuals like family. And we make the process simple and easy for everyone involved including the caseworkers and coordinators.

In addition to matching individuals with our certified residential sponsor providers, TCS also takes the time and effort to check in on our matches weekly. We currently have dozens of sponsor providers caring for at least one individual throughout southeast and central Virginia.

1. Everyone Treated Like Family

No matter which party in the process you are, you will always be treated with respect by Traditional Care Services. We believe in creating a nurturing family environment within our company and community.

2. Quality & Attentiveness of Care

We do the research and work with caseworkers and coordinators to decide on the best possible match with a sponsored individual. And TCS  will continue to monitor and check in on our sponsors and individuals weekly.

3. No Nickle & Diming

Unlike other agencies, Traditional Care Services pays for all sponsor provider and employee training and does not charge for background checks or incur late payment penalties.

Do you need help for yourself or a loved one?

Get help from a caring and certified sponsor provider!

Don't know where to start? Let's get in touch!

Whether you are an individual or their family member, caseworker, or human services coordinator Traditional Care Services will do what we can to to make the process easy while empowering the lives of individuals by assisting them on their journey to achieve and maximize their full potential of independent living through community integration and support.


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