Why Become a TCS Sponsor?

Traditional Care Services treats our employees, sponsors, and sponsored individuals like family. And we make the process simple and easy for everyone involved including the caseworkers and coordinators.

In addition to matching individuals with our certified residential sponsor providers, TCS also takes the time and effort to check in on our matches weekly. We currently have dozens of sponsor providers caring for at least one individual throughout southeast and central Virginia.

1. Everyone Treated Like Family

No matter which party in the process you are, you will always be treated with respect by Traditional Care Services. We believe in creating a nurturing family environment within our company and community.

2. Quality & Attentiveness of Care

We do the research and work with caseworkers and coordinators to decide on the best possible match with a sponsored individual. And TCS  will continue to monitor and check in on our sponsors and individuals weekly.

3. No Nickle & Diming

Unlike other agencies, Traditional Care Services pays for all sponsor provider and employee training and does not charge for background checks or incur late payment penalties.

Traditional Care Services